Who We Are
OPUS Corporation is a multi-faceted company involved in a diverse range of businesses.  The one constant is our emphasis on customer service.  Let us show you why our company stands apart from the competition.


What We Do

OPUS Corporation has a variety of branches.   As an importer/exporter , we are involved in the trade of goods & services. We are your source for virtually any item or product. Whether you are a small business looking for a unique product, larger company looking for heavy equipment, wholesaler/retailer looking for quantity purchases or a government looking for bulk purchasing,

With an extensive history in real estate and our success in the investment sector and construction/remodeling industry, visit OUR PARTNERS section to see how we can assist you in your real estate and/or construction needs.


Why Us

Our global contacts can assist you in finalizing deals. With especially strong ties in the United States, Mid-East, North Africa, China, Pakistan and India, our extensive network is here to serve you. When discretion and confidentiality is a must, OPUS Corporation is the only option. Consider OPUS Corporation as a resource center for all of your needs.